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35 Days Service Dog Play & Train

35 Days Service Dog Play & Train

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$2,925.00Sale Price
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Looking for your dog to do more than just being a pet? Life can be hard when there is a present medical condition and sometimes the help of your dog(s) can be very beneficial for you or a love one’s health. At Love for Dogs we have fully trained and certified over a thousand Service Dogs  for the next titles:

    ⁃    Psychiatric Service Dog

    ⁃    Mobility Service Dog 

    ⁃    Autism Service Dog

    ⁃    PTSD Service Dog

    ⁃    Emotional support Service Dog 


Your service dog in training will go through an extensive 35 day training program that will combine all levels of obedience and service dog task training. Training will take place at the facility and public environments.


Does not include behavior problems such as aggression.

Program Includes:

  • 35 Days of play and train combined with supervised daycare with highly trained dogs and other dog trainers for exposure. 

  • Sit/ implied stay from distance

  • Down/ implied stay from distance

  • Come

  • Place (bed)/ implied stay from distance

  • Impulse control

  • Polite greetings (jummping)

  • Polite doors

  • Socialization and exercise 

  • Correction of simple behavior problems such as jumping, barking, digging or pulling.

  • Exposure to generalization of different environments (Love for Dogs facility, neighborhood walking, a small park and stores)

  • 3 Feild trips to a store, public location or airport (3 total feild trips)

  • Tuck command (to lay under foot or chair in areas such as an airplane or restaurant).

  • Task training for particular service dog needs 


Service Dog Daycare & Train packages must be used consecutively, 3 days minimum a week is required to maintain consistency and enrollment. 


Includes daily training tutorials videos filmed with your pup showing you their daily training progress, 3 half way through or 3 follow up lesson and 1 full graduation private lesson. (Lesson are conducted at Love for Dogs facility or 1 public location).

  • Training Guarantee

    All training programs include a life time guarantee of follow up lesson to maintain the training learned in the purchased board & train or daycare & trained program. 

  • Disclaimer

    All Dog must pass a temperament test to be permitted into Love for Dogs Board & Train or Daycare & Train programs if over the age of six months.  

    Temperment tests are used to determin if your pup will be able to play in an open play daycare environment. 

    This program does not include behavior modification such as aggreshion. 

     If package is purchased online and the pup fails temperament test, money will be refunded with in 10-14 business days minus a 10% inconvenience fee.

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