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Our innovative engagement based training model is designed to establish a reliable, positive and rewarding relationship between you and your dog. Our passion is setting you and your pup up for success. Give us a call to join the Love for Dogs Family!


Our daycare and train programs are designed for pups to train during the day and to go home at night to practice with their family.


Our board and train programs are designed for your pup to stay overnight during the duration of their training to practice training throughout the day and night. 


Training add ons allow us to do more with your pup. Such as field trips, potty training, treadmill, frisbee, AKC testing and preparing for a baby.


Private lessons are designed to work one on one for one hour a week with the owner and their pup to build a strong training foundation.  

Satisfaction Guarantee

All training programs include a life time guarantee of follow up lesson to maintain the training learned in the purchased board & train or daycare & train packages. These lessons do NOT cover additional training beyond the agreed upon/signed training contract. Love for Dogs will only provide lessons for the original purchased/ contracted training program.  

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