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Puppy Imprinting 10 Day Board & Train

Puppy Imprinting 10 Day Board & Train

Excluding Sales Tax

10 Day Board and Train program teaches pups basic manners and obedience. For dogs 12 weeks olds to 6 months. Does not include behavior problems such as aggression or out of sight obedience. 

Program Includes:

  • Name Recognition

  • Sit/ stay (leash lenght)

  • Down/ stay (leash lenght)

  • Come

  • Impulse control

  • Place (bed)/ stay (leash lenght)

  • Polite greetings (jumping)

  • Polite doors

  • Introduction to leash manners

  • Puppy bitting tips


Includes daily training tutorials videos filmed with your pup showing you their daily training progress and 1 full graduation private lesson. (Lesson is conducted at Love for Dogs facility)


  • Disclaimer

    All Dog must pass a temperament test to be permitted into Love for Dogs Board & Train or Daycare & Train programs if over the age of six months.  

    Temperment tests are used to determin if your pup will be able to play in an open play daycare environment. 

    This program does not include behavior modification such as aggreshion. 

     If package is purchased online and the pup fails temperament test, money will be refunded with in 10-14 business days minus a 10% inconvenience fee.

  • Training Guarantee

    All training programs include a life time guarantee of follow up lesson to maintain the training learned in the purchased board & train or daycare & trained program. 

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